Setting up a second account as a fall back site

Setting up a second account to cut down any down time due to server failure

We offer secondary accounts for use as fall back sites should the main web site server fail due to hardware related problems.

If you want to try for 100% uptime we can host your site on two servers. We have servers in different sections of the building in LA which due to this have less chance of both going down due to Electrical, Router or server failure. Only a complete area communications blackout which would effect the west coast or other catastrophic event will bring down service to both servers.
At present we have 99.9% uptime service on all servers as they are not taken down often unless a harware problem comes up.
We do how ever reboot them for software issues but this too is not very often.
But if even 5 minutes is too long for your site to be down we do offer this service and the cost is lower than having a second account.
The name servers would have to be changed on your domain so as to allow the second site to take over should the first one fail.
This can be done in one of two ways. You can set 2 extra name servers as ns3 and ns4 which works but is not the best way.
We can add your domain to a service which does ping testing every few seconds.

If you wish to setup such an account open a help desk request so we can set it up for you.

We will soon be adding it to our normal plans.

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