We have upgraded our UK server

Our UK server has reached it's end of life and all accounts were moved.

The move did cause some down time which unfortunately was unavoidable.

The new UK server now supports PHP 8 and we expect it will give us good service.


9th Apr 2022
We upgraded goldenage server

Our Goldenage server has been upgraded. The new server is much faster - this due to a more powerful CPU, more memory and SSD hard drives This upgrade took a little longer than we hoped for as we ran into a number of problems.Dan at our data center helped out quite a bit which allowed us to make the move smooth for our clients.There are no ... Read More »

1st Mar 2022
Our Knowledgebase and Help has been upgraded.

We have upgraded our help videos located at both: https://cw3host.com/online-help.php and https://cw3host.com/members/knowledgebase And also have added many new help topics to our knowledgebase. We believe we have covered just about any common problem you may run into with email, hosting, ftp and other topics. As we go along and run into ... Read More »

15th Sept 2021
Wordpress 5.8

The newest Wordpress upgrade may break your website. Wordpress 5.8 has killed 4 plus plugins and may cause problems for some themes.   Some problems are not visible right away. You should check your site to be sure it's all functioning.Check to see if you can edit a page or make changes to a slider.Bottom line is check everything. If you run ... Read More »

29th Jul 2021
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