Setting Outlook and Outlook Express to auto move messages

Setting Outlook to move email messages

Outlook has two features that can make it easier to manage multiple accounts and to deal with Spam.

The first is the ability to create a folder.
To do this right click on the personal folders under your folder list and clickon "New Folder"

To separate Spam from your important messages you can create a folder and call it spam, junk or what ever you like.
You can also do the same if you want to separate email from different email accounts.
Just create a new folder and name it the same name as the email user or name it something appropriate.

Next we will need to create rules
Go to the Tools Menu and click on Rules and Alerts
Add a rule by clicking on New Rule.

For Spam choose Move message with specific word in the subject.
The Spam filter we use places ***SPAM*** in the subject so this will be the word to set.
Be sure to use the three leading and trailing stars (*)
The choose the folder you created as to where to move the spam.
And last choose stop processing more rules.
You can now set the folder to auto delete the messages after X number of days.
To do this right click on the folder and choose properties.
In the properties screen choose the AutoArchive Tab and there you can set how to auto delete.
This gives to the ability to view the messages to be sure they are spam as somemessages might wind up there that is not spam.
I suggest to set it for three days which is enough time to check the messages.
Be sure to choose Permanently delete as we do not want to archive Spam.
Also should you create more rules this rule has to be the first one at the top of the rules screen!!!

To move email from accounts again we set a rule.
This time choose move message from someone.
One the next screen uncheck from people or distribution list and check through the specified account.
Choose the account you wish to move and then on the next screen choose the folder to move it to.
Save the rule by clicking finish and you are done.
Again you can go to properties of the folder to choose how to Archive the folder should you wish to save the old emails or set it to delete them after a specified time.

Hope this helps.

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