Our network


Power Backup System and more.

Our data center has multiple generators should a power outage take place.

  • Multiple carriers
  • Multiple power generators
  • RAID Servers
  • Daily Backup

Our Data Center

High Speed with multiple carriers insures performance and reliability.

We offer High Speed hosting by top quality Data Centers in Down Town LA. Our Data center connects via OC192 internet backbone fiber. BGP4 via CISCO 12000 GSR and JUNIPER routers true multi-homed gigabit connectivity with gigabit and or 10 Gigabit connections to Level 3, Savvis, Mzima, Cogent, AT&T, and XO.

This insures that your site will be available 24/7 and delivers the highest transfer rate on the market

High quality Servers to meet the demand.

Using quality new equipment provides us with low break down statistics. This translates to better uptime and highly satisfied clients.

Main Data Hub

We have our data center at a main Hub

There are 8 main data hubs across the country. Los Angeles is one of these which is why we have our servers at this location. Communication problems do take place across the country and if your not at a main hub you may wind up being blacked out. As we expand we will look towards adding servers at other main hub locations in New York and Texas.